NYC day: 1

* wordpress or my iPhone are playing hide and seek with my photos :( 

I’m working on it! — tami

hi ya!

i got into New York City around noon on wednesday.

on the cab ride in, i was already texting karen (aka karenliz) to chat about and decide on a 2 o’clock matinee.

both karen and i were attending The Crafter’s Workshop Stencil U and had decided to come into the city a few days ahead for a mini vacation.

i wanted to try to CRAM in as much as possible into the short trip; especially theater and museum’s – hence the texting. 

I met karen at the hotel; which by the way was GOR-geous. the Wolcott just celebrated its 100th birthday. here’s a few photos of the lobby… 


i had asked for a room with an Empire State Building “view”. you did have to crane your neck up, but you could see it…

we agreed upon a play, Living in Love starring Jerry O’Connel {yum!}. the play was FAB-ulous, but maybe mr. o’connel’s bare chest a mere 50 feet away swayed me! lol!


we got caught in the rain, so had to head back to the hotel to clean up before dinner. rain was forecast for the day, but the weather was beautiful when i arrived; crisp, cool and clear. so i’d left the raincoat and umbrella i’d packed for the chance of rain when we went out to the matinee, at the hotel. couldn’t catch a cab and were almost 20 blocks from the hotel. bought a rain poncho from a street vendor and then  finally snagged a taxi.

dinner was at Sardi’s – i’ve always wanted to go…


Sean Cassidy 2nd from right on top 
and Joan Collins and Katherine Hepburn…

i had the french onion soup and crabcakes… 
i should have just got the appetizers size! HUGE cakes with lots of nice, large pieces of crab. and the smoked tomato aoli was great with the cakes.

after dinner it was time for Pn the 20th Century starting Kristin Chenowith. i really enjoyed it. i forgot how much smaller the NYC theatres were, you are so close to the stage!

then we walked through Times Square to catch a taxi back to the hotel.

end of day one…


4 thoughts on “NYC day: 1

  1. Omg, Tami!!! What an adventure!!! The hotel looks sooo European! Looks like u planned it out so well!

  2. Tami, I hope you can visit Ellis Island! It’s one of my favorite spots in NYC.
    some of the links to the pictures are broken. Hope you can fix them so we can see what/who you are talking about.
    See you on May 3!

  3. didn’t get out to Ellis this time; took the ferry out years ago. it is beautiful! working on links now. wordpress is eating my photos :(

  4. Tami, when you get time, could you let me know how to post again? It’s not recognizing my email & clearly I’m getting your emails. Thanks, hope you have fun in New York!!

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