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welcome 2023!

wishing everyone a very happy new year!

the new year is like a brand new journal, with fresh blank pages, just waiting to be filled.

if a blank page intimidates you, dont be afraid to scribble on it a bit to get started!

my hubbie and i rang in the new year with our friends byron & connie.

awhile back, the house next door to us went up for sale and i joked that we should buy it so i could use it for my studio.

shortly after that, the house next door to byron & connie was put up for sale, and guess what?

they bought it and turned it into a studio for byron! yes, i have a big case of studio envy! lol!

byron got us all set up to do flow art canvases. rob was a little intimidated by the prospect, but once he got going, he made some gorgeous art!

i made one canvas that goes well with my studio colors. and i made a board in valentine colors to use for a Clear Scraps project.

after art time we played a few games, then went outside with our champagne at midnight to watch the fireworks.

it was an enjoyable evening and a wonderful way to ring in the new year.

here’s a short slideshow of the art AND the mess we made!

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