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i “heart” elsie project…

well… i was roaming around scrapbook 911 the other day- i was SUPPOSED to be in there getting some projects done, but wasn’t really “inspired” to work on the christmas and valentine’s day projects that were on my to-do list SO…

i passed by the i “heart” elsie stuff and saw the fabric paper. i thought it might be fun to sew somthing up, so i picked up some of the papers as well as some matching ribbon and chipboard buttons. a small purse came to mind; something you could use on a page if you liked, to stash away souvenirs or mementos. so, i did a little cutting and came up with the basic design, then just had fun adding embellies!

i began by diecutting the front of the purse using a mini album cover die that had a folded and scalloped edge. then i measured and cut the back of the purse (same size, minus the folded part). I stitched the front and back together at the bottom and sides. (you can use a piece of double sided tape to hold the pieces together while you stitch – just put a piece at the center between the 2 pieces and remove after stitching). i cut & stitched 2 strips together to make a handle and attached it to the purse at the back – if you want to use this in a scrapbook, you may want to just use ribbon for the handle. next i punched small holes along the scalloped flap, and used a thin sheer ribbon to tie on the buttons. i used one of those basic grey magnetic closure things on the flap. next, i cut small pieces of ribbon and adhered them to the purse with a very thin piece of double sided tape. then i stitched over the ribbons to secure them to the bag and to finish, i glued on a flower with a tied chipboard button center and VOILA – a purse!

you could use it as a purse – what little girl wouldn’t love it? or use it on a page as i mentioned, or how about using it to stash a gift card!

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