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flooding in Iowa – Reminisce store

most of you are aware of the terrible floods in the midwest…

the waters are beginning to recide, and the damages are being assessed. one of the victims of the flood waters was the Reminisce flagship store in coralville, iowa; it is doubtful that the store will reopen.

matt and andria gibson, the founders of reminisce, opened the store in 2002 and it soon grew into one of the best stores in the area. the store was sold to lisa and ed burkle in 2007.

designs by reminisce – the paper company was slowed a bit by the flooding, but will be getting back to normal and trying to catch up on orders now that the rain has slowed.

Reminisce has introduced a new line of papers FLOOD OF 2008, ALL proceeds will benefit the red cross; so please support their endeavor. 

You can read more about the damage to the reminisce store and see photos of the flooding at these 2 sites:

Reminisce Blog

Reminisce Store

please keep everyone affected by the floods in your prayers. as the rains stop, the time for clean-up and rebuilding begins.

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