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digi switch! – APRIL FOOL!

UPDATE: okay, i don’t really think any of you bought that i was switching to digi. but the only other thing that came to mind for a prank was that i was moving. that didn’t seem like a nice thing to do, except of course for a few of you who probably wish i would! LOL!  judging from the comments, you all just want my STUFF anyway!  i do like looking at digi scrapbook pages, and one of my dt “mates” from ohom is a MAJOR digi scrapper – SHOUTOUT TO DI! she is in charge of prima’s hibrid team! she’s been trying to convert me, but i don’t think i’ll be turning in my scissors anytime soon!

i’ve been dabating it for awhile, but i think i’ve finally come to the decision that i want to go DIGI!

i uploaded a few programs a few weeks ago, and have been playing with them. I NEVER thought i would be the LEAST bit interested in switching from traditional paper, glue and scissors scrapping – but you just can’t fight technology! LOL!

it was easier than i thought, and i really liked the results i got. it was VERY quick and easy.

here’s a layout i did – what do you think?

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: be unique
Create your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox scrapbook

i may never have to visit a scrapbook store again! LOL! of course, i have a CARLOAD of scrapbook supplies to get rid of, i’ll have to think on that!

4 thoughts on “digi switch! – APRIL FOOL!

  1. Well, then, go digital…can I have all your stuff????

    p.s. I posted your name on the scrap etc. blog.

  2. i submitted your name too tami…before you go digi…submit a LO for my challenge…its out of your page and one picture….NO photo full here…and I know u have thickers.

  3. I love digi scrappin’ I do it for my playgroup… but I always like being with friends and playing with paper too!

    You can donate all your stuff to me if you want… LOL

    LO looks great!

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