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i am a certified MESSY person, i try and i try, but i’m STILL messy! it is so hard for me to get organized!

as a scrapbooker, i have another bad habit ,that along with being messy tends to make me NOT take advantage of the enormous mountain of scrapbook supplies that i have — i tend to use whatever supplies are in front of me! if i have stamps – i’ll stamp, if i have chipboard shapes – i’ll cover them, if i have buttons – i’ll use them – BUT – i usually don’t stop to think about using the other stuff i have laying around! it’s not a very good habit; and as a result, my favorite items end up getting used over and over, while other perfectly good supplies lay waiting for me to think of them. i’m feeling very “island of lost toys”  {rudolph movie reference for those of you without kids} right now. i guess you could say that i have a BIG gigantic island of lost scrapbook supplies.

and so, i’m trying my best to break both habits. i started by pulling out some of those neglected supplies that have been lanquishing in totes and boxes and began re-organizing my tote-able stuff; supplies i take with me when i go off to scrap. i have a scrapbook retreat coming up in april (at scrapbook 911), so i’m thinking ahead. i fiqure since i tend to use the supplies i have at hand, if i fill some organizers with some of those old supplies, then maybe – just maybe, i’ll USE THEM! what a concept, using stuff you have!

my new favorite organization stuff is snapware. i bought some at target’ awhile back, and it seemed to work well. since i’m wanting to redo my office, i had to consider whether or not this would work for me. AND – i think it will. it will fit in my cabinets, but still be portable enough for me to grab and go.

i had been looking high and low for 12″ X 12″ snapware. target hadn’t had any, and i didn’t find any online. i probably wasn’t looking in the right place – since i found it EASILY today! i found exactly what i was looking for – AND it was on SALE! it doesn’t get any better than that. i found a 2 tier – slightly larger than 12 X 12 snapware set for 14.99 online at ORGANIZE.COM. if you just HAVE to have pink, it will cost you 2.00 more! they also had 3 tier, but they were 24.99, and since scrapbooking supplies are HEAVY, i wasn’t sure 3 tiers were a good idea. i found a coupon code online cc0309 (those are ZEROS there, not o’s) that saved me 10% (it’s good until 4-10). SO, i got 2 sets of the
12 X 12 snapware with shipping for about 34.00 – not too bad! i plan on using at least one tier for my HUMUNGO (sure that’s a word) pile of thickers. i stopped counting at 70!

so, if you want to take a peek at what i was doing this evening, here’s all the stuff i managed to fit into some snapware i already had – these are the large rectangle ones that they had at target’…


just click on the photo to open the album! 

2 thoughts on “organizing…

  1. I saw the larger snapwear at Lowes at Christmas. I actually looked at it for scrapbooking but…and… still am not sure how much it can hold before it would come apart on you while you were carrying it. Anyway, Lowes may still carry it in their organization section.

  2. I made this New year’s resolution that I would NOT buy any more paper (which has been broken by the way). LIke you I have way too much “stuff” and it is overwhelming. Lately every time I sit at home to scrap I find myself constantly organizing and get nothing creative done. I am going to try those Snap thingies. What about bringing the SMOOCH stuff to the Sketch N More sometime and showing us exactly how to use and what it looks like. I do cards and that seems like a great way to dress up a card.

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