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guess who made the cover???


my youngest CHRIS!

clearsnap used a layout i did for their design adhesives ad, and it’s on the BACK cover of the june issue of crafts n’ things! i’m SO excited, and chris will be too when i show him!

i’ve NEVER EVER had a layout published before, lots of cards and projects, but NO layouts. i did have one layout picked up awhile back, but unfortunately, the magazine that picked it up closed before the layout made it in :(

so, without further ado, i give you CHRIS’ magazine debut… may i have a DRUMROLL PLEASE………..

chris sparkles

and if you SQUINT REAL hard, you can see {well, on the real magazine maybe, you can’t really see it here – even if you do squint pretty hard, or use a magnifying glass or your readers…} you can see MY name at the bottom for design credit!


15 thoughts on “guess who made the cover???

  1. Congrats Tami and Chris!
    Hey there, You’re a Rock Star! with published photos and all! Now that you’ve hit the big time, don’t you forget all the “little people” that cheer you on each and every day.

    With all our best wishes,

  2. congrats TAMI!!! when I saw it on my blog, I thought maybe it was me…LOL

  3. gee too bad your name couldn’t be a wee bit bigger! Congrats.

  4. The back absolutey counts as a cover, great work and way to go!!

  5. WOW! congrats to you Tami. I love those design adhesives.

  6. Congrats Tami! My brother bought me this magazine last week as part of my bday gift and I was definitely looking at the cover. Come to find out it was yours….ha ha! I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Congratulations!!
    Kara Haley

  7. That is fantastic!
    Darling project, and it is a great cover!!!


  8. Congrats! That is very cool!

  9. Congrats to you Tami!!!

  10. Super cool Tami….congrats!!!

  11. Congratulations, Tami! Now you have the star status you deserved all along!

  12. Congrats!!!! That’s so awesome!!! Wow. And it’s beautiful too.

  13. Oh congrats! What a precious photo and layout!