ckc in san marcos!!!

i went to the ckc in san marcos a few days ago with my scrappn’ buds charlotte and tinka…

we left early thursday morning and had breakfast on the way up, then stopped by SCRAPBOOK HAUS in New Braunfels. the store was nice and we enjoyed browsing for a bit. after that, we cruised on up to san marcos and arrived a little early for the crop, but happily, we we allowed to go on in! so we were able to get right to cropping. charlotte, tinka and i all had a fairly productive afternoon working on some layouts.

we had a late lunch at the hotel {the burgers and sammies were BIG and juicy!}, then we went back for the sketches crop that evening. the sketches crop was interesting, they had several companies that participated. each company prepared a 1 page layout from a sketch and then walked you through assembling it. we did 9 one page layouts in about 3 hours or so. in the middle of the crop, we had a little surprise – a the FIRE ALARM WENT OFF! NOT a good thing at any time, but in the middle of a scrapbook convention – well, just think about all that paper and all those photos! fortunately, it was JUST a precaution, and there wasn’t a fire, so just about the time we had walked out, we were told to come on back in. we managed to pick up where we left off and didn’t lose too much cropping time. most of the companies had a companion page that you could purchase in their booth the next day, so you could turn your 1-pagers into 2-pagers if you wanted. we had a lot of fun at the crop, although as you can see in the slide show below, tinka and charlotte got tired of me snapping their pics {even though i only took a couple, it wasn’t like the flash bulb was going off for hours!}. after the crop, we headed over to a pancake house for a late night breakfast then we checked into the hotel. we were all pretty worn out from the long day, so we turned in pretty soon after that.

the next morning we got up early {for me at least}, since charlotte had an early morning class. tinka and i waited in line for the early entry to get a little bit of shopping in before our first class. our first stop was TECHNIQUE TUESDAY, they had a nice booth, with lots of great stamp sets and plenty of inspiring layouts and samples. there was quite a crowd  though as they were offering a gift to the first 25 customers. charlotte showed up having finished her class a little early, so we browsed the booth, then headed over to a booth with TONS of ribbons! i just had to have some of the pom pom trim, and charlotte picked it up in every color. tinka and i had to cut our shopping short and rush to get to our first class.

i had signed up for the jacob’s ladder class with sei. it was a VERY enjoyable class! it was well thought out, the teacher was very patient and explained things clearly, and the project was great too. i am sure this technique will be showing up in one of my photofull classes fairly soon!

after that, i had a ck class – 1 stamp set, 10 ways. i must say that i did NOT enjoy this class as much. i wasn’t really happy with the projects, the techniques or the instructor. i was expecting to maybe learn something new, but when 2 of the 10 techniques are stamping on cardstock and stamping on printed paper, you KNOW you are in trouble! in fairness the layouts were cute, but there just wasn’t much to them. you certainly didn’t recieve too much in the way of supplies and there were not many embellies either.

tinka had another class at lunch, so charlotte and i met up and had lunch at the hotel again. this time it was stir-fry and it was pretty good.

then, it was off for more shopping for me, tinka and charlotte had classes off and on. i had a great time looking around, i thought the assortment of booths was great. there was more that enough to interest me and make for some enjoyable browsing. i had meant to take more photos – both of the show and of projects, but i just got tired! so all i really managed to get were photos of the TT booth and the HARLEE QUINNZ booth {which i will tell you about in another post!}

after all the classes and shopping we were pretty tuckered so we headed back home. we stopped in new branfels again on the way back and ate at OMA’S HAUS. we all had something different and it was ALL good! charlotte had offered to host a mini crop at her house, so we met up with laura and all had a nice nite of cropping.

it was SO nice to have a girls weekend away! i had a fabulous time and look forward to getting to do it again sometime soon!

here are some photos from the show:

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