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genuinely jane studios projects…

i have 2 mini albums to share with you…

both were done when i was a guest designer for GENUINELY JANE STUDIOS a few months back. GJS has lots of different shapes and designs of mini albums – all done in wood! which makes them very sturdy, and very easy to work with. you can paint them, ink them, cover them with paper, decopage on them and more.

i had 2 mini albums to work with a football book and a road sign/shield book.

i was a little stymied at first about the football book. we aren’t exactly “football” people. my kids don’t play and rob doesn’t really watch football. BUT – my dad is a HUGE dallas cowboys fan – AND – he wears a cowboys t-shirts almost every day. so i thought it might be fun to put together a book of photos i had of him in his “cowboys uniform”…

i knew JUST what to do with the road signs book as we had just gotten back from a trip to missouri. i also knew the PERFECT paper line to use – ROAD SIGNS by REMINISCE! they have tons of papers and embellies for this line. everything you could possibly need for anything “road” related project.

if you haven’t worked with wood mini albums, you NEED to try it! they are very easy to embellish and hold up to a LOT of handling!

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