mom and me class pics…

i have pics to share from my mom & me class this past saturday… we made a 6 X 6 “my year” album that the kids can fill up with photos from 2010.

the mom & me class has gotten SO BIG – that i’ve had to add another session for each class, so i now have both a morning and afternoon session each month! a BIG, HUGE thank you to all of you – kids AND moms – who have come every month {and all you new guys too} who have made that addition NECESSARY!

i’m having another class this month – the “key to my heart” wall decor for Valentine’s Day.  unfortunately, i believe that both sessions are already full. BUT – if you are interested, PLEASE go ahead and get on the wait list; there may be a cancellation! i may also be able to gather up some more supplies – although i know i don’t have any more of the giant keys and won’t be able to get my hands on any more.

next month’s project is a “friend’s word book“…

you can sign up for this class now! there will be both a morning and an afternoon session. i had purchased these books awhile back and was able to get my hands on a few more from SEI, but once they are gone – they are gone;  i won’t be able to get any more. i thought they’d be perfect for the kids to put pics of their friends in! the kiddos will get to be messy for this class – there is some shimmery, pearly paint involved! all the papers and ribbons are precut so all they have to do after the paint dries is glue and go!

there have been some requests to do some classes during SPRING BREAK so i have tentatively put 3 classes on the scrapbook 911 calendar. 2 classes WITHOUT moms {of course you can still come if you want to} and 1 class with moms. i’ve scheduled BOTH a morning and afternoon session for all 3 classes – again though – that’s tentative! i’ll be polling the january 30th mom and me classes to see what level of interest there is. if you ARE interested, please drop me a line or comment here too! the class would be the same format – 2 hours – working on 1 project. i was thinking of doing a squash mini album and maybe a paper bag mini album, but i’m not sure yet about the third project. i’m open to suggestions too!

thanks again everyone! i REALLY enjoy teaching this class; the kids are great and we all have a LOT of fun!

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