i am just heartsick as i write this…

all of the product that i use for the blog i do for Clearsnap was stolen from my car this past saturday…

i was at the all day crop at Scrapbook 911. i am sure i locked the car as i remember juggling my drink and a bag to do so – but even so – all of my inks, stamps, glitters, embossing powders, smooch, smooch spritz, cardstocks, embellishments and most notably – dozens of stamp sets are GONE.

if you were there and saw anything, please e-mail me, i have a copper town and country van and was parked on the side of the building – near the handicap spot.

please keep an eye out for my supplies at crops also, almost everything i had was marked with my initials “ts” or my name. the inks and such were in 1 set of snapware with blue lids – the medium rectangle size, and the stamps were in 2 towers of the small square snapware with green lids. all the pieces were also marked with my name.

there were also 2 bags – the green fabric ones from HEB, that had all my cardstocks and embellishments in them.

i am left wondering if another “crafter” took my things, as items i would think a “normal” thief would look for – like CD’s, my GPS and cash were all left were they were. nothing else was disturbed except for the things in the middle seat area – all of that is missing. items in the front and in the trunk weren’t touched. i am just mystified.

please keep an eye out, and don’t hesitate to e-mail me with any info you might have – i’d appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “stolen…

  1. I am so sorry to hear this news, Tami! I left right before 11:00 and didn’t see anything in the parking lot. I do hope your stuff turns up. Blessings, Deborah

  2. This is horrible news Tami. I hope that who-ever helped themselves to your things will have a change of heart and return them.

  3. Start searching Craigstlist and Ebay in case it was a random theft and they try to unload goods for money.

  4. Ohh my why would somebody do this. I think you are correct only another scrapbooker would take these and not the money. How sad is this.
    Hopefully you will get your stuff back

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