i’ve spent the last few day updating my blog…

i have been working on the changes for a month or so, but wanted to wait to “unveil”  until i had everything in place.

you may notice the new header, the ruler is from my vintage stash, and the rest of the images are clipart. i collaged everything together, tweaked it a bit and viola – a brand new look!

i was going to change the theme i use for the blog also – but to be honest, i just couldn’t find another one i liked as well. i must have looked through HUNDREDS of themes, and it seemed silly to change JUST for the sake of changing. so – the overall look of the blog remains the same.

BUT — i have revamped all the galleries. i’ve added lots of new projects and you may also notice there are a few NEW galleries as well. i’ve also tried to streamline them by grouping them in 2 main categories: design team projects and other projects. i’ve also broken down a few of my larger galleries into smaller ones. i hope that makes them easier to navigate and find what you are looking for.

i’ve also made sure all the links in my sidebar are working and added a few new links also. 

i think that’s about it! your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

6 thoughts on “facelift…

  1. Hi Tami…I was so sorry to hear about the theft of all your stuff, but on a happier note, I love the look of the blog “facelift.” I’m on the lookout for anything that looks like it could have been swiped from your car! Karen

  2. the new blog looks GREAT…the layout works, glad it didn’t change!

    so sorry to hear about your stolen scrap goodies…what kind of people do that???

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