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i know i don’t always post a lot of projects on my website, but that doesn’t mean i’m not busy MAKING THINGS! LOL!

right now i have a few projects scattered around the web and i’d like to share them with you…

first, a pendant that i created for GRAFIX was selected as the project of the day – 4/3/2013 – by Crafts n’ Things Magazine. they sent out links to the project in their april newsletter as well as listed the project on their facebook page.

you can view the BUTTERFLY PENDANT here: CRAFTS N’ THINGS FACEBOOK PAGE {} just scroll down to 4/3’s posts and you’ll see a BIG pic of a butterfly pendant! i’d appreciate it if you’d give it a “like” or leave a comment!

you can also see it here: CRAFTS N’ THINGS NEWSLETTER {}

there is also a YouTube Video that shows how to make the pendant step-by-step on the Grafix YouTube Channel: BUTTERFLY PENDANT {}

Grafix also included two projects i designed for them on a header on their website: GRAFIX IDEA HEADER {}, the mosaic pendant at the lower left and ther CREATE decor piece that runs across the header. i made a video showing how to make the CREATE piece too; it’ll be out soon!

i also have a little notebook project that is included in Grafix’s Project Gallery: COLORED SHRINK FILM ALTERED NOTEBOOK {}

i also have a YouTube Channel that includes all the videos i’ve made for the ClearSnap Blog: TAMI SANDERS YOUTUBE {}

i also share 8 projects a month on the CLEARSNAP BLOG, here is one i shared the other day…

spring dictionary collage












you can get all the info on how to make this yourself by viewing this post: CHEAP {cheep} CHEAP {cheap} It’s Spring! {}

i also added a post about how to turn a jeans pocket into a cute change putse! you can see that here: POCKET CHANGE {}

a card i made using Stephanie Barnard Sprays! and stamps is the featured project on the CLEARSNAP WEBSITE {}: FLOWER BRIGHT {}


and lastly, the new 2013 CLEARSNAP CATALOG {} is out and they have REALLY outdone themselves artistically! the catalog is GORGEOUS and is filled with wonderful projects from some very talented designers. i am very excited to have my work shown along with theirs:

pg.4 … chalk tins

pg.16 … watermark shadowbox

pg. 30 … word frame and imagine decor piece

pg. 41 … color catcher card

pg. 47 … sprinkles card

pg. 48 … colorbox scentz card

well that’s it for now! if you visit the ClearSnap Blog — and i hope you will as it’s a great source of info and inspiration — please leave a comment or two! i’ll know you visited and ClearSnap will know i have VIEWERS! LOL!


please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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