“don’t mess with texas” DE-constructed altered book

WOW! the response to the “don’t mess with texas” DE-constructed altered book class has been OVERWHELMING!

i am TRYING to find more supplies in order to put together a few more books.

there will be some substitutions, but i’m trying to find comparable items.

i was out early this morning scouring the flea market!

if you are NOT already signed up for this class and ARE interested in it…

PLEASE call Scrapbook n’ More at (830) 214-1690 to get on the waitlist!!!

we will go down the waitlist, adding in as many students as we can, in the order of sign ups.

it doesn’t matter if you plan on attending the class or just want a kit; you need to be on the waitlist.

if for some reason you have changed your mind about taking the class and plan to cancel; please do so as soon as you can so that we can add others to the class.

thanks again for the GREAT BIG TEXAS response!!!


please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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