“don’t mess with texas” DE-constructed book class

i have spent ALL day tracking down items to use to put together a few more book kits!

i was able to track down the few charms i was missing, found milk caps in the right color, a way to make some more “lone star beer” bottle caps (apparently I should have sold the ones i used in the book on ebay!), printed some more postcards, tracked down conchos, made some CD pockets, was lucky enough that the guy at the flea market still had some metal diecut texas shapes, bought more jeans AND found this cool leather belt to use instead of the barrette pieces…

can you believe that the belt even has red, white and blue dots?!

the only thing I haven’t been able to lay my hands on are the vintage rodeo ribbons. i may have to substitute plain ones. and there may be one or two paper mat swaps, but i think all and all, the changed items will be comparable to the “original”.

i’ll call Scrapbook N’More tomorrow to let them know how many more kits I can add.

i also found a few more scrabble games, so i can add a few of the frame kits as well.

but FAIR WARNING! this is IT!!! so please call Scrapbook n’ More to get on the waitlist if you are not already on it.

many thanks!

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