school {book} is in session…

i’ve been hard at work designing the {school years} altered book. i thought i’d share a few sneak peeks with you.

the “bones” of the book are finished. there will be mats for pics kinder through 12th grade….

and each photo will have a pocket section behind it to hold momentos. if you have ephemera that fits – great, if not, photocopy, shrink and print!

there will be tabs in between each section that will have phonics cards, flash cards, postcards and more attached…

the front cover design will consist of a vintage pencil {waiting for these to arrive!}, a bracket shaped mini chalkboard, a strip of vintage sentence roll border and a girl or boy cut from the G45 papers and a chipboard piece. front covers will vary for this book. here are a few examples – roughly laid out – cover design isn’t finished!

i will be asking for a “boy” or “girl” selection when you sign up, and i’ll do my best to select designs with your choice in mind. i won’t be able to promise a certain design. 

i will have 23 spots available for this class.

remember, i’ll be posting more details as they come. mark your calendar for sign up starting april 1 – NO FOOLING! :)


6 thoughts on “school {book} is in session…

  1. Tami The photo full class on April 28th is not going to work for me because unfortually that is the day that my sister will be returning to California. She is arriving on April 2nd but will be going back on the 28th. Maybe I can make your May class. Will keep checking for the May date. Thank you

  2. so sorry grace! i will be in nyc the week before so i can’t move it up :(

  3. OMG I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. And the timing couldn’t be better. I just registered Lilli for Kindergarten so maybe I can keep up with this book! :)
    You just keep making these books cuter and cuter and cuter. How do you do it??

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