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phoenix “junque” shopping and more

phoenix is a wonderful town for “junque-ing”; they have some amazing antique shops and malls.

i was looking forward to re-exploring some of the unique shopping spaces that i had discovered last year on my mini vacay following Creativation. first up was was SWEET SALVAGE, a monthly show that features a lot of vintage and upcycled goodies for home decor mostly, but there are usually numerous interesting “smalls” mixed in. while i enjoyed wandering through this year, i didn’t find anything i just had to have.

there were a few other antique malls within a stones throw of where i was staying – which was a FABULOUS space, a comfortable 1 BR in a luxury complex. i think AIRB&B has spoiled me, don’t think i will stay in a hotel again! here’s a few pictures…

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i found a few small trinkets for my personal collections, but didn’t find much to use for my classes at the antique malls near me, so i visited my FAVORITE malls in Phoenix, the BRASS ARMADILLO, which has not one but TWO locations in Phoenix, packed wall to wall and 2 stories, ceiling to ceiling. but again, although i found some marvelous things, they were all too big to bring home, and not much for my classes except some corked bottle caps.

there was a SAS Fabric Store near my apartment, but as soon as i found out there was a SAS Fabric SUPER STORE, i was off across town to check it out! oh my goodness, this ONE store made up for all my non-productive antiquing… i couldn’t find out where to look first! there was fabrics, lace – a WHOLE wall of lace, trims, buttons, and MORE and it was all priced VERY inexpensively. i spent over 2 hours shopping, and never even looked at any of the fabrics! here’s a few photos of the store…

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i LOADED up on goodies for classes; including lots and lots of baby bits to go with the Authentique Swaddle line for a baby altered book. i probably could have stayed for a few hours more and bought another suitcase full of treasures…

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the morning of my last day in Phoenix, i decided to forgo shopping for a nature hike and headed to one of Phoenix’s numerous parks, Phoenix Mountains Park, for a short walk and some photos…

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giving SERIOUS thought to driving up for Creativation next year so i can REALLY shop!  wouldn’t have to worry about what would fit in my suitcase or how much it weighed, would have my WHOLE SUV to fill up :)


4 thoughts on “phoenix “junque” shopping and more

  1. OMG SAS SUPER STORE??!? That’s Awesome! Your pictures made me drool a bit. And as for a baby altered book… I am TOTALLY in. Sign me up for one girl book please! ;) Glad you’re back and in a creative space!
    Missed you!

  2. hi ann, thank you! and i could have taken about a hundred photos of the store but i was too busy shopping! hope to see you soon! should have deets on baby book soon😊

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