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happy 4th of july!

hi all,

how are you doing? adjusting to the new normal? yeah… me neither! LOL!

i have ventured out a few times, with my vera bradley mask firmly in place. well if i gotta wear one, it needs to be bright and colorful. can’t do the plain drap black mask; way too depressing.

rob and i had breakfast today at magnolia pancake house. was nice to GO to a restaurant and sit down and eat. i’m getting MIGHTY tired of cooking; boy is my instapot getting a workout! LOL! latest foray was a japanese cheescake and some starbucks copycat egg bites. so far, there hasn’t been much that we haven’t liked from my pile of pinterest instapot recipes.

and… speaking of pinterest, i have been spending a LOT of time on there lately. recently, i received an invite for early access to try their new story pins. i went and checked it out and got EXCITED!

i loved the format of Snapguide, but it was abandoned awhile back and there had been talk of some company picking it up and some vague point in the future. well Pinterest’s Story Pins sure look like Snapguide reincarnated!

for those unfamiliar, the format is step out directions consisting of photos with directions for each photo – or step. so unlike a video, you can follow a project step by step at your own pace without stopping, starting, rewinding, etc.

in celebration for the 4th of july, i created a decor piece for the holiday using products from Clear Scraps

i have also created a story pin on pinterest so you can see how i made this jumbo wood tag… Bang! story pin

AND… if you still want more, you can also view this project on the Clear Scraps Blog…Bang! Wood Tag

there are some pretty talented ladies on the Clear Scraps DT, so please subscribe to their blog if you are looking for inspiration for projects, cards, scrapbook pages, altered items and more. Clear Scraps also has some new mini shakers, most themed for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Clear Scraps just created a new Facebook group were you can view and share Clear Scraps projects from not only the DT but from members of the group as well. you can also post questions about Clear Scraps products… Clear Scraps Facebook Page

i hope you all enjoy your holiday, no matter how you are spending it.


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