south texas scrappers retreat

i wanted to share some layouts i finished while at the may south texas scrappers retreat at ENGAGE in dripping springs.

charlotte bellm, as some of you know, has been organizing quarterly scrapbook retreats at engage for a year or so now. the retreats had to take a bit of a hiatus due to Covid, but hopefully they will be fully back on track now.

these retreats are a chance for me to get a LOT of scrapbooking done! the retreat center is a crop space and stay space all in one. so you can work anytime day or night during the retreat, and have your comfy bed just steps away when you get tired.

i finished about 26 two page layouts during this past retreat, not too shabby. here are some of my favorites…

drew wanted to have a movie marathon for his birthday, so 6 hours of animae later…
chris’ 19th b-day. unlike his 18th, march 20, 2020, we were able to go out to eat to celebrate.
the renaissance festival is one of the events we missed last year. chris invited a friend and they had a great time at the faire…
my boys gave me a lego star wars grogu to build for mother’s day! the real gift is that we are building it together.
to celebrate mother’s day with my in-laws in austin, we visited lady bird johnson’s wildflower park…
the weather was nice and rob suggested we dine outdoors; my suggestion was krause’s in new braunfels…
for mother’s day 2019, rob and the boys gave me a trip to a cowboys game! bonus – they were playing the texans!
of course i had to get LOTS of pics of my favorite player, vander-esch. how perfect is that embellie at the upper left – LVE – his initials and a helmet with room for his number :) (nope, doesn’t stand for LOVE! lol!)
i was very excited that we could all get together this easter. so excited in fact, that i forgot to take pics! these are all i had. so i figured if the photos weren’t fun – i’d make the papers and embellies fun! yes, i know my boys are way too old for this paper :)
and, in the same theme of – no pics, make it a fun layout… this is the layout i did for the boys books for last thanksgiving. i had a brand new stove, was ALL excited to cook, and came down with COVID :( this was our thanksgiving meal! LOL!

Some of these layouts have Photo-Full elements – for those of you familiar with class series i taught awhile back. so i really got about a dozen more pages done if you count those. (more about photo-full coming in my next post.

if you’d like to see more of my personal layouts, you can view my pinterest gallery HERE… i try to add new layouts from time to time as i finish them.

MY GALLERY on the sidebar of the blog, has links to many of my other projects too: altered books, jewelry, cards, design team projects, etc. there is also a link to a “main gallery” that contains all my projects.

i have missed teaching, and have been fortunate that charlotte has let me teach at her retreats at engage.

i’m hoping to maybe see some of you gals i’ve been missing soon!

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