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almost ready!

OMGosh! i think i need to rent a u-haul to get all my stuff to CKC San Marcos!

this can’t all be mine can it? lol!

there are 5 totes containing my class kits and supplies, 2 bags with my clothes & stuff, 1 shopping tote – empty and ready to fill of course and then my scrapbooking things for the crops. PLUS, my wagon and a hand cart! my hubbie assures me it all fits in my kia. you just have to play tetris to get it all in there! lol!

online registration is now closed. but if you didn’t sign up online; you can still get passes to shop. class and crop tickets will also be available for any event that still has space. so make plans to come join us!

i’m very excited to be going! and i’m looking forward to seeing some of you i haven’t seen in awhile!

please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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