e-mail problems

i am tech-challenged, there is NO doubt about that! but apparently i’m having a problem even my tech-savvy hubbie is having trouble finding a solution for.

if you have tried to reach me either through my “contact me” form, or @ the e-mail address for my website – which is posted on ALL my directions AND on my business cards, none have reached me since around the first of the year.

i just recently became aware of the problem as all of my business addy emails had been set to forward to my personal email address.

i apologize if you have tried unsuccessfully to reach me with questions about classes or any other info.

i have updated my “contact me” form so that those emails will come directly to my personal account.

that is the best way to reach me, other than on my facebook page: tami sanders paper crafter until we can figure out a solution.

please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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