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the hunt for zip dry!

my favorite glue for paper crafting is zip dry from beacon adhesives – and lately, it has not been easy to find!

the only store i’ve found it at locally is hobby lobby and every bottle i’ve looked at – in 3 different stores, has hardened. the contents are 2” below the top of the bottle and the glue doesnt move – at all – when you hold it upside down. just like a DQ blizzard😆

the bottles i ordered through amazon were only slightly better – the glue moved, but barely, it was more like sludge.

now why this hasnt occurred to me before, i have no idea – but i thought to see if i could buy zip dry directly through beacon – and the answer is YES!

beacon adhesives has been VERY good to me. they kept me well supplied in glues while i was on various design teams through the years. and they have generously donated door prizes for my CKC classes.

so ANYTHING i can do to support them, i’m glad to do. i try to tag projects using their products on instagram and pinterest. and zip dry is ALWAYS on my class supply lists. and there is a reason for that. zip dry is the most “class friendly” adhesive i have found. and i’ve tried lots and lots of different adhesives.

zip dry gives you a little time to pull up a piece or move it a bit if you didnt adhere it correctly. but when it dries, it holds very well. it also rubs right off it you get a little “ooze” from excess. being able to adjust pieces in classes is very important as adhering the wrong piece or adhering a piece in the wrong place happens frequently. and those problems can be hard to fix with other adhesives.

i ordered a case of 12-2 oz bottles, so that should last me a few months! lol! i would be willing to keep a small stock of zip dry on hand to sell at shows and retreats if there is enough interest in me doing so.

the 15% off offer on zip dry on the beacon site has expired, but i found a 20% coupon code online – PEONY20 – that covered my shipping costs. no guarantees its still working!

drop me a note via my contact form or leave a comment if you would find it helpful for me to keep a small stash of zip dry to sell.

3 thoughts on “the hunt for zip dry!

  1. Thanks for the tips… do you think it was just so old at Hobby Lobby that it hardened or I’ve also heard that some adhesives do not do well in cold weather and some places won’t ship during winter.

  2. i am not sure, my experience has been that it hardens like that when it gets too old, the “liquid” evaporates and the product shrinks and hardens. i never had this problem when we HAD scrapbook/stamping stores to shop at :(

  3. Only place I’ve found it is online sadly most craft stores do not stock beacon products anymore…I usually stock up at conventions, but that’s hard since there so few and far away now!

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