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swivel pen knives & refill blades

for those of you that purchased a small blade swivel pen knife from me i have good news!

i was finally able to find and order refill blades for them. at $3, the price of the knife itself makes it almost disposable, but now you have an option to replace the blade.

swivel pen knives and refill blades

i’ll have the blades with me at upcoming engage or newk’s retreats and at the shows on my schedule.

the refill blades will be 2/$3. and here’s a short video on how to change out the blade. its really easy, but the the knife does have several small parts that need to be put back together right to make the pen knife “clickable”.

4 thoughts on “swivel pen knives & refill blades

  1. Tami, I’ve never seen this swivel pen knife/blade in action before…. have you used it and what do you use it for mostly? Thanks, Kathy

  2. I see you have a june 29-july 2: engage retreat, dripping springs, tx * kit sales & class Can you give me some more info regarding this… will you have these knives available at this show? Thank you, Kathy

  3. hi kathy, always nice to hear from you! maybe i need to add a video showing the knife in action. i like it because you can cut curved lines easily and the blade is very small & sharp. id seen them online and decided to order a few for the booth and have had to reorder a few times. i will have them at the engage retreat.

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