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so… what do YOU want???

no, i’m not being rude, i’m INQUIRING… what do YOU want???

this post is more of a topic for those of you locals here in san antonio, but – it would also be nice if some of you not-so-near gals were offer up your comments too! don’t wanna leave anyone out!

i am looking ahead to what classes i’ll be teaching in 2009. it’s REALLY not too far off. you know how it goes, everything snowballs towards the holidays come october. so i’m asking you for your input. what classes would you like to see?

i will be keeping my photo-full class and my daytime sketch class, but after that – everything is up for discussion.

i am considering the following:

— teen crop or sketch class on a Sunday afternoon

— teen “all about me” layout series class

— another daytime class – maybe a layout class based on odd sources of inspiration (like color combos pulled from magazine ads, spacing based on a restaurant menu, etc.)

— continuing my mom and me class on saturday afternoons – about every other month; the project would be holiday or seasonal related.

and that’s about all i’ve dreamed up! so — i’m hoping some of you will SHARE your class wishes with me. what classes would you like to see added to a scrapbook store’s roster? and again, even if you aren’t a “local”, i’d love to hear your ideas!

you can just post a comment, or click the “contact me” button and send me and e-mail!

please help me plan my calendar!!!

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