heads up! monday nite time sketch cancelled…

as most of you who take my classes know, i have a FEW classes that you can sign up for at the last minute and still get in… one of them is my nite time sketch class. so i just wanted to post that that the class for this monday, the 13th, has been cancelled.

while waiting til the last minute is fine in most instances – it doesn’t work when NO ONE signs up! LOL! i only had 1 person signed up for this class on saturday; there were 2 cancellations.

while the DAYTIME sketch and crop class has been VERY successful, the nite time version is struggling along. i can’t quite get it off the ground. it is one of the classes that is “on the chopping block” in my evaluations for my 2009 classes.

SO – if you have been thinking about coming, please give it a try in november or december. my daytimers like it because they get so much accomplished in a short time. you get to do TWO – count em’ TWO 2 page layouts for only 18 bucks. you bring the pics, choose your own papers – with my help if you need it – then use a sketch that i provide to finish up your layouts.

if the class does get axed for 2009, i will probably be deciding on what to replace it with. if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them! (see post below titled “so — what do YOU want?”

please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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