halloween post #2

you’ll be happy to know that i DID finally take my spring wreath off the door and put up my halloween one! but that’s as far as i’ve gotten with Halloween preparations.

i think i might take the boys to the fabric store today to look at patterns, it’s definitely TIME to get going on them! here are a few pics of their past costumes. i remember mom making mine and it’s something i looked forward to being able to do as a mom!

drew as yu-gi-oh (store bought) and chris as clown
drew as yu-gi-oh (store bought) and chris as clown
drew as a magician and chris as a knight
drew as a magician and chris as a knight

i have no idea as to what they want to go as this year. chris has been talking about going as “link” a character from a video game, but i forsee having to explain over and over as to who he is! LOL! my brother bought him a camo set for his birthday and he looks SO cute in it. i’ve been trying to get him to wear it for halloween, as he’ll outgrow it soon, but so far no such luck. i think i have convinced him to at least wear it to the parade of characters at his school. i don’t care what they go as as long as they match those SEI papers! i am SERIOUS about that! we also have to make the trip to the pumpkin patch. i want to use one of the new REMINISCE lines to do those!

well, enough about costumes (although, if you have some cute pics of your little ghouls that you want to share, please send them my way!) here is another halloween layout i did as a store sample at sb911. this one uses the new SPELLBOUND line from MAKING MEMORIES:

 I loved the basic black, white and orange of this line. it would work well for any halloween photos you have. it was a little on the “vintage-look” side too, which i tend to like! well, that’s it for now, i have a few other halloween layouts to post before HALLOWEEN!

One thought on “halloween post #2

  1. Tammi~

    The costumes in the past were adorable…I bet whatever they want to be they will be so darn cute!! The Halloween LO is awesome…definately a scrap-lift!

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