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halloween post #1

i LOVE halloween! only Christmas tops it on my list of favorite HOWL-i-days! as a kid, i loved to dress up for halloween. mom made me an awesomely SCARY witch costume in elementary school. i won first place in the costume contest that year. i also remember a tiger costume (or at least i remember seeing pics of myself in it). now, i enjoy making costumes for my kiddos. i’ve made all sorts of costumes: a monkey, a skunk, a dragon, harry potter, a clown, a magician, a knight – most of them are still hanging in the back of my closet. what do you do with those things? i’d give them away, but i keep remembering how darn long they took me to make! LOL!

i haven’t taken the boys to the fabric store to check out the costume patterns yet. but time is CREEPING up on me so i better take them soon or i won’t have a GHOST of a chance of finishing them on time! i don’t know what they want to be this year, but i DO know that the costumes WILL match the SEI halloween paper i bought! LOL! i already have the layout done (keep an eye out for it later this month).

i also collect vintage holiday decorations – but i haven’t gotten around to getting them out either. if i don’t put them up soon, it will be time to take them down. LOL! i guess i should at least pull the “spring” wreath off the door and hang up the halloween sign – maybe tomorrow. i don’t know what i’ll wear for halloween either, probably the same black shirt and SPOOKY KOOKY halloween socks i’ve worn the past 2 years – BORING! well, i did pair the socks with lime green sneakers, does that count?

so with halloween LOOMING near, i’ve been getting into the SPIRIT by playing with some of the fa-BOO-lous halloween papers that i saw at CHA. scrapbook911 got in a HOARD of the lines and i just HAD to try out my favorites! i just couldn’t choose – they were all fun! i didn’t have pics for all the lines i wanted to play with though, so i decided to do some store samples. i’ll be sharing them with you this month. 

here’s the first layout i did; it features SPOOKTACULAR by TERESA COLLINS:

I’m also reposting the Halloween projects i did for REMINISCE.  they introduced 2 new halloween lines at CHA, ENCHANTED AUTUMN and SCARE TACTICS.

here are the projects i did using ENCHANTED AUTUMN: 







 and here are my projects using SCARE TACTICS: 

do you have any BOO-dacious projects to share? or maybe some BAT-tastic costume pics? if you do, please send them my way!

BOO ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “halloween post #1

  1. Tami…you are just one talented lady. Thank you for posting some of your layouts and other artwork. Teresa Collins has become one of my favorite designers so I especially loved that layout. Have a great day.

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