i {heart} graphic 45…

i just LOVE graphic 45… i love the colors, the style, the designs – EVERYTHING! i have bought all the papers for every one of their lines – sometimes, i’ve even purchased MULTIPLES!

i keep “collecting ” vintage and heritage papers  thinking that one day, i’ll finally start scrapping all my gram’s old photos, we have a LOT of family photos, some have notes on them and some don’t. i kept trying to get gram to sit down with me to look at them, to help me figure out who was who – but she didn’t like to talk about “those days”. so, we’d make a few notes, and then put them away. i kept thinking we’d get around to getting through them all eventually, but now she’s gone, and most of them have no notations as to who, what, where or when.  so now, the task is even MORE daunting. but i WILL get around to it at some point!

a few of my favorite photos were of my gram and her sisters looking VERY stylish in their vintage 40’s outfits, so when my lss got the new FASHIONISTA line by GRAPHIC 45 awhile back, i just HAD to do a layout “in advance” for those photos!  i did add a few papers from their COMMUNIQUE line as well. i’d been holding on to it, thinking that i’d pull out the box of old photos and find the ones i was thinking of to add to this layout BEFORE i shared it, but it’s been a few months already, and this poor layout is STILL naked!

so… i’m sharing it as-is and maybe one day soon, i’ll share it again WITH the photos on it.

i “borrowed” the title from the paper line, it seemed fitting – FASHIONISTAS!


if you have any g45 projects you’d like to share – i’d LOVE to see them!

please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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