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k.i.s.s. crop in grove, ok

hi gals!

i’m in grove, ok with friends charlotte & jeannie for the next few days attending the kiss crop.

we got in yesterday and spent a little time at the casino near our hotel. the hotel gave us a credit to gamble with and i used some of it yesterday to win about $100 on penny slots! we are putting that towards the cost of the room! WIN! WIN! 😊

i shopped a bit and bought some papers and a new apron. just settled in to work on my first layout…

photos, paper, scissors, glue (zip dry – my fave♥️) and if you look real close in the upper left corner you’ll find the other essential ingredient for a crop😊

and some other news i’d like to share… my online photoFULL class series will go up on 11/15! more info coming soon! like REAL soon!

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