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JUST CROP shop & create in grapevine!

hi ya!

i’m in grapevine, texas this weekend for the JUST CROP shop & create event. it is a weekend of cropping AND shopping!

it is a weekend of cropping AND shopping!

there are vendor booths here selling scrapbook and stamping supplies.

i have a table selling charlotte & my page kits.

i’m also teaching 2 classes:

2:00 friday * $20
2:00 saturday * $32

if you are in the area, come out and see me!

3 thoughts on “JUST CROP shop & create in grapevine!

  1. Hi Tami! I love your art, that’s amazing you were able to teach two classes!! I was hoping I could get your perspective on things seeing as you you’ve been to the January event in Grapevine! I’m thinking about going to the one in July but I’m a wee paper artist and want to invest my time and money wisely. Did you like your experience? Would you recommend it? I’d appreciate any input you have! Thanks!

  2. hi elise, can you give me an idea of what types of products you wanted to sell in your booth?

  3. hi elise, if you message me i can give you more specific info… but we had a successful show in january. jodie had table options if you wanted to give it a try without getting a booth.

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