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happy christmas eve!

it seems like every year i TRY to get ready for christmas earlier and earlier…

but i always end up with a LOT of things left on my to do list with time running out! lol!

one of the projects i tried to get done “early”, was to put together a decor item that i had purchased the parts for – before LAST christmas! lol!

i did manage to complete all the parts, and i did get it done WAY in advance of the holiday… but i actually did not put it all together until tonight – well, this morning ;)

since it was up, and i was still up, i decided to snap a few pics and share it with you.

the display is made up of small wooden boxes and pieces that all have different vignettes on or in them.

i was able to put a lot of treasured G45 christmas scraps to good use. i also raided some items from my vintage christmas collection…

thank you for letting me share!

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