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happy turkey day! (early)

hi ya’ll! its finally starting to feel a bit like fall around here! the wet and damp can go elsewhere though and just leave the cooler weather!

can you believe it is almost thanksgiving day already? i’m preparing for thursday as well. cleaning, recipe planning, shopping, decorating -the whole 9 yards.

or in this case, the whole 100 yards. a few years back, after discovering i REALLY liked football, we started moving thanksgiving back a few days. my family will be getting together thursday – for games – both the board and cowboys variety!

and we’ll be feasting, but on hot dogs, fries and a myriad of football food!

i did have a few thanksgiving projects i’d like to share with you; both feature products from Clear Scraps and Beacon Adhesives.

both videos are a short 30 seconds or so. click on the pick below to view both videos. for full directions, you can find both these projects on the Clear Scraps Blog.

please leave a comment; i'd love to hear from you!

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