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my big MESS!!!

i have a LOT of events and classes coming up in the next few months – and that is GREAT! i’m very grateful for opportunities to teach and share.

but my living room currently looks like a scrapbook store has blown up in it! i’m trying to transition my studio space into a larger room in the house, but it is SLOW going.

as a result, i’ve been working in my living room. i thought i’d share my MESS with you as well as some of the projects i am working on.

take a look…

messy… messy… MESSY!!!

i’m trying to finish up the designing and cutting for most of these projects so i can start bagging them up and putting them away!

i’ve got the cards left to design, but a LOT more cutting to do. and then – my FaVoRiTe part (not) writing up the directions!

i’ll post pics and more info for these events soon.

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