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halloween post #3

it’s almost here! it’s less than a week away! now that’s a SCARY thought, especially for me since i haven’t even started on my kid’s costumes! well, i guess i’ve started… i got all the materials and have begun cutting them out but i haven’t actually started taken a stitch in anything yet. maybe tonite!

i had good intentions for the day, but woke up wanting to get out awhile. so i convinced rob to take a stroll though an antique mall with me. that mistake cost me a bit – i got rear ended in a parking lot! i was VERY upset and VERY frustrated, don’t i have enough things on my plate right now Lord? do i look like i need ONE more thing to deal with and have to take care of? i was slamming doors and storming around,  and then the lady who hit me got out and was VERY nice and VERY apologetic. i mentioned that my husband had a broken collarbone and she said “well he’ll recover, my husband is in the hospital and it’s terminal”. talk about instantly calming down and counting your blessings. i felt guilty for thinking that i had problems. sometimes i get so wrapped up in myself that i forget that others have REAL problems. things that are MUCH more important than housework, costumes and cars. somehow i’ll get everything done that i need to, or i’ll put off doing those things that aren’t SO urgent (like scheduling a bulldozer to come in and clean out my house! LOL!)

well, that concludes my life lesson for the day and we’ll begin the creative lesson now! here another halloween layout for your perusal. it is made with the new HALLOWEEN WHIMSY by K&CO

trick or treat layout

this is another really fun and bright halloween line. there were a LOT of great new holiday lines released at CHA; expect a lot of new Christmas lines too. i know they’ve already had about a half dozen new Christmas lines come in at scrapbook 911. 

i have ONE more halloween layout (my FAVORITE) to share before friday, so keep an eye out! and i will also be posting a sample project from Paper Crafts newest release; so watch for that maybe TOMORROW!

2 thoughts on “halloween post #3

  1. Wow Tami, I am glad your ok. have FAITH an all will work out. What a life lesson you had…it made me think as well so thanks for sharing.

    I love the LO…I Scrap Lifted it…

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