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treat bucket v2…

is everyone almost ready for halloween?

are the costumes ready? how about the SPOOKY decorations? got the candy? got something to put the candy in?

if the answer to the first three questions was “NO” – then you better get busy — AND FAST! LOL

if the answer to the last questions was “NO”, then i might be able to help you out!

barb liked the treat bucket that i made for Reminisce, so she decided to make her own! here’s her version of the altered wood trash can/treat bucket:

i think it’s adorable! i love all the fun, bright colors barb used in her version.

barb was nice enough to send me photos of her project to post on my blog. you can see more of barb’s projects on her blog: THE INVISIBLE PIPER.

and remember, you can find the directions for my treat bucket on or, you can find barb’s directions on her blog.

thanks again to barb for sharing her project!

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